Where to Start

After an accident:
After being involved in an accident you will need to collect relevant information from the parties involved. Everyone should exchange: drivers names, home addresses, phone numbers, drivers license numbers, car license numbers, as well as car: owner's name, make, model, and color.
Where to get repairs done.
You need to find a repair facility that you feel comfortable with. You want a place that you know has some positive history in your community. Kraft's Body Shop can assist you in evaluating the extent of the damages.
Who to call first.
In some cases customers may want to avoid an insurance claim. Call Kraft's Body Shop and we will help you determine the involved damage costs. Remember that Kraft's Body Shop is in business to serve its customer's interests. Kraft's has a Lifetime Warranty and has all the services that Claims centers use to influence callers. Kraft's Body Shop works directly with all insurance companies on your behalf.

How to chose a repair facility.
If you are in need of getting your car repaired, Kraft's Body Shop can assist you in determining the extent of your damages. You want a repair facility that keeps the customer first. You will see that Kraft's has been in business for over forty six years. The decades of business have been built on honesty, integrity and a job well done. We have exceptional staff that can resolve your repair needs. Kraft's Body Shop has extensive resources for all makes and model cars and trucks. Come in anytime and ask for a tour of our facility. Meet the people that will be working with you and your vehicle. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have. This will give you a first hand exposure to what we are all about.

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